Apr 27 2009

Warm & Fuzzy


Saturday at Joe’s Pub was special.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more love from a crowd and I’m so proud to be homeys with Pearl and the Beard.  Their record is amazing and their live show somehow keeps getting better.  It’s ridiculous.  Here they are, in all of their cuteness and post-show glow, backstage…

Backstage at Joes










It was also really fun to play solo for a big audience, something I have not done in a long while.  

That being said, the ever-evolving Matt Singer band will be playing a special show in Brooklyn on Saturday May 2nd, as part of a monster bill, with Wakey!Wakey!, Roots n Ruckus, Frank Hoier, Anti-Social Music and The Dig… not to mention that this evening will include work from the award winning puppet theatre ensemble, Lone Wolf Tribe.  Wait there’s more… This event also marks the one year anniversary of One Big Table, THE Brooklyn Supper Club.  Holy Jeez, click here to buy tickets and to check out the menu for this event.

Jan 19 2009

Wakey!Wakey! is Muscular!

Mike Grubbs has been working out.  There’s no question about it.  My good friend, fellow Family Records label-mate and front man of Wakey!Wakey! has definitely been developing his upper body.  He gave me a long hug a few nights ago and he just felt like a different person.  So muscular.




Don’t get me wrong. 

I liked it.

If you want a taste of some of that rock-hard business, I recommend checking out one of his upcoming shows at The Living Room – part of his January residency – which to no one’s surprise, has been going smashingly.  Just pay him a compliment after the show and he’ll probably hug you too.


His last two residency shows will be on Monday, Jan.19th (with Lacrymosa opening at 8pm) and Monday, January 26th @ 9pm.  The rest of his band members are also very good looking, and well toned.  But not as muscular as Mike.