Feb 19 2009

Second Place feels inspired

Okay.  It’s over.  The people have spoken, and they spoke for me, but just a tad quieter than they spoke for Dead Heart Bloom.  I’m over it.  But before I put it to rest, let me just say thanks to everyone who voted for me and spread the word about Matt Singer Nation.  You are not small.

In the wake of the The Deli’s Artist of the Month results, I found myself doing something I almost never do these days: Watch T.V.  I had just taken a brisk, late-morning walk, purchased some much needed tupperware, and returned home to find Karina making a chocolate cake and using the television as background noise for her baking frenzy — pretty standard fare for a Saturday afternoon at home.

Less typical was what was playing on the T.V. It was the Boston Children’s Chorus, singing songs about social justice, apparently this choir’s forte.  In between songs, Louis Gossett, Jr., described the connection between the music and lyrics to important moments of social change through history, focusing mainly on the civil rights movement of the 60’s, but also connecting the musical themes to change still yet to come. raiseroof









Watching these kids put themselves out there in such a passionate, directed and completely un-ironic ways was incredibly moving, and it was just the medicine I needed, feeling kinda crummy about finishing second in a popularity contest.