Oct 30 2010

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robertson

If I were able to clone myself I would have used my other Matt to capture a lot more video from the Paul Simon tribute at Bar Four this weekend.  Sadly, this little tidbit of Jessi Robertson’s take on “Mrs. Robinson” was all that I got.

Oh well.  I’ll just have to refer to my memory banks to revel in the musical goodness from this killer LC Tribute — Matt Cranstoun’s bluesy “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes,” Bryan Dunn’s pop-rocky “Me and Julio” (I whistled on that one) and tribute organizer Paul Basile’s dark and melancholy “Homeward Bound,” which felt like a Leonard Cohen-Paul Simon love-child.

Those were just a few.  People really need to keep their ears open for the next LC tribute.  They are always very, very good.

The very next night, I did a reprise of “Boy in the Bubble” with the band.  Dan Jeselsohn and Taylor Floreth accompany me on this classic from Graceland.  And yes, I am dressed as Sergio Ramos, defender for Real Madrid and the Spanish national soccer team.  Can’t you tell?

Oct 20 2010

Sticker Junior

Local Correspondents (LC) is so tight-knit a community that it is a fairly common occurrence to see and hear one LC musician playing a rendition of another’s song. I myself have covered the songs of a number of LC artists, including Blip Blip Bleep, Lowry, and Wynn Walent, all supreme talents whose music has inspired me again and again. Joel Cohen, aka Sticker Dude, is also building quite the reputation as being an “LC Cover Guy,” digging into some choice LC tunes, learning the chords (more or less) and sharing with the masses his own unique interpretation of his favorite numbers, almost always played after a descriptive monologue and several preparatory strums of his guitar.

Now it appears that the tradition is being passed down through the bloodline as Joel’s son, Dylan, aka Sticker Junior, blessed the stage last night at the Bar Four open mic with his own take on a Casey Shea original.

At about 1:45 through Junior shifts gears into another piece, possibly something original, similar in feel to the earlier part of the song and distinctly different from what one might hear listening to Casey’s own version of Good Man, which can be heard on his most recent full-length release, Love is Here to Stay (Family).  It is worth a listen.  And if you want to hear it  live, go to one of Casey’s CMJ shows this week — Rockwood Music Hall on Thursday, October 21st and/or The Living Room on Friday, October 22nd.